Sony Confirms That The Last Guardian And GT Sport Will Release In 2016

The Last Guardian was re-revealed at E3 2015 with a 2016 release window and it appears to be closer to release as we slowly approach a potential release date announcement for it. Along with The Last Guardian, Sony had also announced a brand new Gran Turismo game for the PS4, which is called GT Sport. Both of these games have been confirmed for 2016 again clearing any doubt that might be had over their potential delay.

The Last Guardian is a game that has been long stuck in a development hell and was finally re-revealed as a PS4 exclusive at E3 2015. Unfortunately despite the re-reveal, we haven’t really had much to see from the game aside from the short gameplay footage that was seen at E3 2015. Sony did confirm that the game is still releasing in 2016 so it is possible that we might get a release date announcement at E3 2016.

The Last Guardian


Along with The Last Guardian, Sony also has Horizon: Zero Dawn and GT Sport set for a release in 2016. While Horizon: Zero Dawn has been rumored to be delayed to 2017, GT Sport is still targeting a 2016 release window according to a statement made by VP of SIEE, Phillipe Cardon via NeoGAF.

“This is our biggest release of the year with Gran Turismo and the return of The Last Guardian. And of course, the PlayStation VR arrives,” said Phillipe Cardon in his interview confirming the release window for The Last Guardian and GT Sport. Curiously there is no mention of Horizon Zero Dawn for 2016 after the rumor regarding its potential delay to 2017.

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