Sony confirms the Playstation 4.5 (Neo)

Sony has finally ended any swirling rumours surrounding the possibility of a new console by confirming that the Playstation 4.5 is definitely being developed. Although it won’t be showcased at E3, the chief of Playstation, Andrew House, has told the Financial times that the new console is “intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4″ and that the console maker “will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.”

The report goes on to confirm that the system will support 4K resolutions, in order to compete with gaming PCs on the market. However, the specs have not yet been revealed. Andrew House went on to predict that all or a very large majority of games will support the high-end PS4.” Furthermore, the PS4 and PS4.5 will both support the soon-to-be released Playstation VR headset.


Sony did not announce when they would be selling the new, more advanced unit. House did confirm, however, that the new console would be more expensive that the current Ps4, but does that mean it’ll cost more than the Ps4’s current price? Or will it cost more than the Ps4 when it was first announced? It’s likely the latter.

Since Sony played the first card, announcing the confirmation of the Ps4.5, Microsoft might utilize their briefing on Monday at E3 to announce their own new, powerful unit, the Xbox Scorpio, which would directly compete with the Ps4 Neo.

There are no official pictures of the Ps4.5 yet!
There are no official pictures of the Ps4.5 yet!

With both Sony and Microsoft possibly entering new territory, and Nintendo’s NX on its way, this should be an exciting year for gaming hardware no matter what comes next.

What’s your take on the Playstation 4.5’s no-show at this year’s E3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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