Sony considers the VITA a “great partner” to the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation VITA might not have gained worldwide success but the launch of PlayStation 4 has certainly put it in spotlight. While it might be good as a standalone handheld, combined with the PlayStation 4, it certainly enhances the overall experience and value of the VITA hardware.

PlayStation UK’s Managing Director Fergal Gara spoke to VG247 in an interview about the sales and performance of PlayStation VITA.

Mark Cerny was also the lead architect of PlayStation VITA and he was also the lead architect of PlayStation 4. As he designed both systems, he made sure that both worked well with each other, which can be seen in the form of current remote play compatibility between both devices. Gara says the same about the Remote Play between VITA and PS4.

“We always planned for Remote Play with the PS Vita and PS4,” Gara continues. “From an architecture point of view, that compatibility between the two was always designed into the Vita’s system. By the time PS Vita development started we were well into the development path of the PlayStation 4, so things were very much designed to work together.”

Sony is definitely trying its best to push the remote play capability between both devices. Unfortunately, it also makes the VITA look like a second-screen device instead of a fully featured handheld of its own. Gara acknowledges this issue and talks about how they want to make this message clear to the public for the VITA.

[I’m] “correct to highlight that, and it’s our job to make the message clear to people so that they understand the Vita is a console in its own right and also a great partner to the PS4.”

Sony recently launched a new cloud streaming service called PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now will officially launch in the summer of 2014 in North America. It will be initially available on PlayStation 4 but will be gradually rolled out to other devices including the VITA and Bravia TVs. If Sony can deliver on this service, the chance to experience the PlayStation library and its classics on a dedicated handheld like VITA certainly sounds promising and will definitely help in enhancing the overall appeal of the device.

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