Sony Denies Making Marketing Deals To Force PS4 Pro Parity With Xbox One X

Destiny 2 has been confirmed to run at 30 fps on the Xbox One X. This led to some speculation among fans that Sony is forcing parity with the PS4 so that developers can’t utilize the extra potential hardware advantage offered by the Xbox One X, since Destiny developers have a marketing deal with Sony.

PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan recently talked about this in an interview with Eurogamer. Ryan was asked about the exact same question whether they are forcing the developers to keep parity with the PlayStation hardware and games like Destiny 2 were listed as an example. He outright denied any such deals that results in forced parity between platforms.

Not to my knowledge. Take the Destiny deal. The Destiny deal was actually done in February 2013, right? We hadn’t launched PS4. I might be wrong because great minds are at work in far-flung corners of Tokyo and San Mateo, but I don’t think anybody even thought of PS4 Pro at this stage.

So, I think you’re trying to see some sort of nefarious platform-holder activity where likely none exists.

Jim Ryan wasn’t too keen on a better hardware always showing potential in games. He listed PlayStation 3 as an example of that stating how they had a great hardware but the developers always choose to to target the low-end hardware and then decide to go up from there. This usually resulted in not all developers utilizing the full potential of the PlayStation 3 hardware.

Sony’s own PlayStation 4 Pro hasn’t fared well when it comes to offering extra enhancements. Not all developers utilize the full potential of the PS4 Pro hardware so it is not hard to see the same happening to Xbox One X.

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