Sony fined by Italian Anti-trust organization for “lack of information” and “misleading” details about Playstation Plus Subscriptions and Online Play

Sony has been fined by Italian Anti-trust organization, AGCOM, due to there being a lack of information as well as misleading details on the PS4 console’s packaging and the PlayStation online resources regarding the monthly PlayStation Plus subscriptions as well as Online Play via PSN (via, 1).

AGCOM fined Sony a cool €2 million claiming that the Japanese electronic giant doesn’t make it clear on the PS4’s packaging nor their online website, which includes the PSN Store, that they have to purchase a separate subscription to play the games online.

The anti-trust organization covered the issue in their 2019 Bulletin, which you can read here, explaining the issue. They state that the console should have had an apparent PSN+ logo on the front, stating from the get-go that you need an online subscription to pay online. They then refer to the information on the backside of the box. AGCOM claims the wording is misleading and the text is too small. On the online front they mention how the purchase page of the game on the PS Store does not mention that you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to pay online.

Microsoft and Nintendo seems to be safe from the accusations.

Although a tiny amount for a company like Sony, what do you think of the fine? Do you think its fair and deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

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