Sony: inFamous: Second Son has “significant demand”, will be “good to have” against TitanFall

The huge success of PlayStation 4 is surely a good news for Sony. As with most popular platforms, Sony also has plans to support the hardware with software. SCE UK’s managing director Fergal Gara is quite confident in their upcoming software lineup for PlayStation 4.

Speaking in an interview to Eurogamer, Fergal Gara seemed happy with the sales success of the PlayStation 4. When he was asked how Sony is going to support the PlayStation 4 with software, since Microsoft is getting TitanFall exclusively in March; Gara was confident that the PlayStation 4’s software output would be enough to generate sales for the hardware in the coming months.

“We take nothing for granted. A strong start is just that. Do we have lots of good stuff coming? Yes we do. Do they have strong stuff coming? Yes, we think so. So it’s continued to maximise every opportunity we’ve got. The best opportunity we’ve got is that momentum, and people are coming back to PlayStation. There are lots of new people, too – I won’t draw conclusions as to where they came from, but it’s been really exciting.”

Gara added: “The likes of inFamous is shaping up well, that’s going to have significant demand. Is it going to be bigger or smaller than Titanfall? I don’t know. It’s a play in the very same time window, and that’s good to have.”

inFamous: Second Son is set to launch on 21st March, 2014. TitanFall will arrive a week earlier on 11th March, 2014. Both titles have generated a lot of hype and are expected to do big numbers.


DriveClub was another title for the PlayStation 4 that was promised at launch but never made its official date. Gara considers the title “quiet ambitious” and calls the delay as a way to polish the title further.

“The only reason that product was delayed and we haven’t accurately communicated a revised release date is that we want it to be right. There’s a fair promise in that tile in what it wants to do with social features and really innovating in the driving genre. There’s no point in it coming out and half doing that job. It was quite ambitious and didn’t quite get there in the timeline hoped. That’s not great, but it’s far better to bring it out at the standard…”

DriveClub has yet to receive an official release date from Sony.

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