Sony Interactive Entertainment Trademarks Syphon Filter In Europe

Sony Interactive Entertainment has trademarked Syphon Filter in Europe which might be related to an upcoming announcement for the series. Syphon Filter is a third person story based shooter from Sony’s own first party studios that has been a cult classic among fans. The series was developed primarily by Sony Bend Studio who are now working on Days Gone for the PS4.

Before announcing the Shadow of the Colossus remake, Sony also trademarked the game name so it can be a similar case here. This trademark can also mean Sony is planning to release the PS2 Syphon Filter games for the PS4, so it can’t be entirely for new game announcements.

Syphon Filter along with Ape Escape is one of the many first party IPs from Sony that has yet to receive a release on the PS4. The series also skipped the PS3 but was prominent on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. It originated on the PS1 and this is where the majority of the popularity for the series comes from, since the PS2 and PSP games weren’t as fondly remembered.

Sony has announced PlayStation Experience in early December and if they do have any new game announcements, it is possible that we might see them there, although there won’t be a live conference like in the past for the PlayStation Experience.

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