Sony Is Finally Offering $15 Back To Those Who Spent $100 During New Promotion

PlayStation Store recently held a promotion that rewarded $15 back to those who spent $100 credit on the store. The promotion was time limited and ended last month but users have been waiting for their $15 bonus credit for a while now.

The time for the bonus credit is finally due and you can now check out notifications on the PS4, or your registered email for the PSN ID, to get your free bonus credit that can be redeemed on the PlayStation Store. This promotion has been conducted multiple times each year and it usually starts near a major game launch.

As you can see in the message above, the promo code that is sent by PlayStation Store is valid until July 18th so make sure that you redeem the code before it expires. In case you are interested in buying some games using this bonus credit, you can check out the currently on-going Mid-Year Sale on the PlayStation Store and take advantage of some of the deals there.

In case you haven’t received your bonus credit, it is best to wait since Sony will eventually send the promo code to everyone and if you don’t get promotional emails from Sony, you can check out notifications and announcements on the PS4 console to get the redeemable code from there.

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