Sony is giving you the chance to pick your PS Plus freebie this month

A few months ago, Sony began a new initiative where PS Plus subscribers were given the opportunity to vote for one out of a selection of three PS4 games. The game with the highest obtained votes ended up getting offered as a Playstation Plus freebie for the month. Meanwhile, the other two titles were put on sale.


Since then, the Vote to Play feature had gone missing. However, we’re happy to report this it’s back for the month of February.

assault android cactus

The three titles you can choose between this month as a PS+ freebie are Action Henk, a light-hearted physics-driven racer, Assault Android Cactus, an arcade style twin stick shooter, and Broforce, a 2D sidescrolling run and gun game where you assume control of a hyper-masculine action hero-style commando.

action henk

Are you looking forward to playing any of the three games Sony is offering this month as part of its Vote To Play initiative? Be sure to let us know what game you’re likely to vote for in the comments below.


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