Sony Is Trying To Push PS Now Directly On PS4 Dashboard With New Tagline

PS Now was recently updated to finally include PS4 games. While this likely won’t matter much for those who already have a PS4, those who use the service on PC can now play some of the PS4 exclusives on PC through this online streaming service. Although from the latest push for PS Now by Sony, it looks like things aren’t really bright for this service.

In an attempt to turn the attention of fans towards PS Now, Sony has now directly placed the PS Now Application in the form of a giant advertisement directly on the PS4 dashboard. This advertisment now takes a precious spot on the main dashboard replacing one of the games. Thankfully while it feels rather intrusive, it can also be deleted just like an application and this seems to remove it fro now.

While PS Now can be used to steam PS3 games to PS4 and PC, it wasn’t until recently that Sony added PS4 games to the service. The supported hardware was also decreased from the initial Sony Bravia TVs, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita to just PlayStation 4 and PC.

While PS Now allows you to rent games per hours or purchase yearly subscription, it is still a game streaming service which means it won’t work as smooth as playing the game directly from console. This is one of the major reason why the service hasn’t taken off yet and perhaps Sony is now trying to entice new buyers with this new advertisement push on the PS4.

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