Sony is using a third party emulator in its Playstation Classic console

Sony’s upcoming Playstation Classic console is apparently using an open-source emulator to play games.

According to early users of the console, the Playstation Classic’s menu states that it uses a variant of the super popular PCSX emulator. Since PCSX is distributed via a GPL license, it can be used for commercial purposes which is why you often see the same emulator being packaged differently and sold as unique apps on the iOS and Android App stores. This means the PCSX development team won’t be paid for their work, with Sony making a tidy profit for repackaging an open source emulator with some low end hardware.

Sony isn’t the first company to do this as Nintendo also used a third party emulator in their SNES Classic console.

This news debunks the speculation that the Playstation Classic was using legacy hardware to play the games, instead the console is just emulating the PS1 hardware using the PCSX emulator.

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Will you be getting the Playstation Classic when it releases next month on December 3rd? Let us know in the comments below.

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