Sony might change VITA’s registration limit of two per PSN account to accommodate VITA TV

The VITA has account registration limit of two per PSN account. This means that a PSN account can only be activated on up to two VITAs. From the recent information out of TGS, seems like this might change in the future after the release of VITA TV.

Speaking to 4Gamer,  Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice President Hiroshi Ueda told in an interview that they are aware of the concerned customers who want this limit to be removed.

The interview was translated courtesy of Dualshockers and the comment about PSN accounts can be read below:

Currently for each PSN account you can register up to two PS Vita. This means that if you already have two PS Vita one must be removed to register a PS Vita TV. We were surprised by the fact that this caused concern between customers.

Although this policy cannot be changed easily, after we heard the concerns I believe we should not ignore them. Strengthening communication with customers properly, we want to avoid situations that cause inconvenience after a purchase.

Now that the voice of the customers has reached us, we’ll move according to our policies to improve the elements that can be changed.

If Sony manages to increase this limit, this might be a great news indeed, specially for those users who want to get VITA TV but already share their account with another one of their friends. I hope that Sony takes a look at the account switching limit as well and removes it since it makes it a headache to change accounts on VITA and requires a spare memory card for a slightly easy method.

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