Sony Not Adding Backwards Compatibility Feature To PS4

Sony Not Adding Backwards Compatibility Feature To PS4

Microsoft shocked fans with its backwards compatibility feature, which is the exact opposite approach that Sony has taken with its PS4

For the first time, Japanese tech giant Sony might have shot itself in the foot because unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One owners, PS4 console owners will not be able to immerse in PS3 titles thanks to the absence of a backward compatibility feature. Microsoft had taken its fans by surprise by announcing the feature during its E3 2015 press conference. As for Sony, the company has given its own twisted confirmation as to why it has not catered to gamers with this approach.

According to Jim Ryan, who is the head of PlayStation for Europe states that:

“We are just taking a different path. To the extent that you are investing in software technology – which is what this is, it’s delivered through software not through hardware – we are trying to commit our resources and put our emphasis on delivering on the promises we made right at the start of this whole PS4 thing, to be the forward-looking, socially-connected console. We are placing our bets on things like SharePlay, on things like Play as you Download, and things like Suspend/Resume.”

Ryan further stated that he wanted Sony and Microsoft to differentiate their products and services from one another, which is why PS4 owners will not be able to witness the feature anytime soon. He says that:

“We are just taking two different approaches. Unfortunately there are just not sufficient enough software engineers in the world for everyone to do everything. Each platform holder has to make their choices, we made one and they made another. Their choice is entirely legitimate, and I think our choice is legitimate, too. In some ways it is quite nice to have points of difference between the two platforms, and people will decide which approach suits them best.”

Just to be fair, Sony did roll out a backwards compatibility feature for its PS3, where PS2 game owners would be able to play on the latter. Let us hope that the company does not have any regrets with its decision in the near future.

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