Sony Is Offering Refunds To Those Who Pre-Ordered Prey On PSN Without PS Plus Discount

Prey is available now for the PS4 and it can be bought with 10% discount during its launch. This discount wasn’t applied earlier when the game was available for pre-order so if you are one of the unlucky users who had it pre-ordered, and didn’t get the 10% discount, Sony is apparently looking into this issue.

Prey is being published by Bethesda Softworks who have a history of releasing games with an initial discount during their launch week. This discount is just 10% and it is usually exclusive to PS Plus users and Prey is no exemption here. However this discount didn’t manage to apply when the game was open to pre-order on PSN which means some user might have paid the full $59.99 amount for pre-ordering the game on PSN.

The good news here is that Sony has taken notice of this issue even if you likely had no idea about it and they are taking steps to make sure that the user gets the amount refunded to them. Here is what Sony has to say regarding the refund situation, which they have sent to all the affected users on PS4.

Thank you for your recent purchase of Prey. As a PlayStation Plus member, this should have been 10% off. We are correcting the issue and will refund your account within 3-5 business days.

So if you have received this message, there is a good chance you will be refunded the amount within the mentioned days by Sony. You will get around $6.99 back as PSN credit which is still a decent amount for a small game.

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