Sony Permabans user from PSN for using his own name

Sony has just permabanned a user for using his own name on PSN. Not only does this mean this poor guy is now unable to use his PSN ID which he claims he’s using from the “PS3 days” but he’s also lost all his digital purchases plus the balance in this wallet. Frankly the reason they did this is appalling.

The guy was supposedly banned for his PSN ID being named “-iJihad-“, based on his real name. According to Google search Jihad’s literal meaning is “the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.” so why did Sony go ahead and presume that his username suggested some ulterior motive? The guy even posted his passport in the Reddit thread confirming his name.

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So the story goes that Sony sent him an email notifying him of the ban and that they were going to allow him to change his ID, image below:


They then decided not to do this and let his account stay banned anyway:


Here’s what Jihad had to say:

Hi all,

I Am 26 years old and my name is Jihad. Before you hate on me, please remember 26 years ago, this s**t was not like this. I’ve been named based on the true, non-religious meaning of the word, which is: Struggling & Putting an effort in doing something Noble, good and highly valued. Long story short, we’re in 2016 :).

I’m really saddened to reach this stage of hopelessness in fair treatment without dealing with personal racism opinions. I hope if you guys would support me, I also accept if you disagree with me; just hearing me out is much appreciated.

I have been long PlayStation gamer, since the first one came out. Two months ago I pre-ordered Overwatch: Collectors edition, once I got my hands on it I played it right away. Three days in, I suddenly received: Permanent-ban email, stating reason is [BAN REASON]. (Yes, literally like this) I was furious, I had this account since PS3 came-out, I have purchased MANY games. Never cheated nor talked to anyone.

After couple emails and mentioning SONY in social media, they replied with this:

And they offered me to change the name. (Which was -iJihad- BTW, same as here)

Couple days no reply, or anything, suddenly another guy review the ticket and decide he doesn’t like my name and feel i’m truly offensive and revoke the solution to make the ban permanent!! Then avoiding my email


Why offer me a solution then revoke it because another Support guy doesn’t feel he liked my name or background? This is far beyond any good support or professionalism.

Also Why, legally, using my actual name, which has multiple good meanings, is breaking of ToS, because (ONLY in the past few years) it catch-up a bad meaning in the media? I’m I really breaking ToS by using a good meaning word -which is my actual name- because after couple years it was abused in a horrific way (which i’m extremely sickened to hear about)?

I accept changing it and understand how people may find it offensive -only now-, but its not because it is an actual offensive word, its because only due to the media talks and how it is being used & framed in the past few years.

We just hope this is all a misunderstading and Sony fixes Jihad’s account as soon as possible.

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