Sony On PlayStation Now: PS+ Being “looked at”, Both 1st/3rd Party Titles; PS3 Will Be The “tip of the spear”

As PlayStation Now was announced, people started wondering how long they will have to wait to start playing titles from PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 on the streaming service. SCEA’s Marketing VP sheds further light on Sony’s strategy on how they plan to deal with adding other platforms.

Speaking with CVG, SCEA’s Marketing VP, John Koller talked about the future of the service.

Since PlayStation Now was announced, people were wondering how it will work with the existing PlayStation Plus subscription. Will discounts be offered or not? Koller had the following to add.

“We need to look at that. It’s all part of the model – this will be another subscription so we need to look at how Plus plays into that. We haven’t made a decision yet.”

There was also the question on whether Sony will focus on first party only or both first and third party. Koller cofirms that their current plans are to bring both first and third party games to the service.

“First and third. We’re going to try and bring in the library if we can.”

Lastly, Koller explained how Sony plans to expand the service, adding more platforms to it.

[SCE president and CEO] Andy House mentioned this morning PS3 first, and then PS1, PS2 and PS4 to come later. So over time… what we’re going to do is we have a beta coming in a couple of weeks; we’re going to look at how PS3 works best. And PS3 will be the tip of the spear. We’ll see how it scales, the business model, all those things. We have other territories to launch in over time. And then we’ll start looking at how we can piece together other content.

PS3’s great because it’s current still. There’s a lot of content from 2006-09 that has fallen out of retail and fallen out of people’s heads, but they’re great experiences. It brings that world to the PS4 consumer as well as PS3 and Vita and others. So it’s the best way to launch. And we’ll bring in other content as we go along.

If you haven’t seen PlayStation Now running on a PlayStation VITA, you can check it out here. You can also look at this video, which shows how much latency and lag is present on PlayStation Now in its current state of service. Of course, Sony hasn’t even started a BETA yet so don’t take it as the final product showcase.

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