Looks Like Sony PlayStation 5 Console Price Have Been Leaked

Sony PS5 Price

While we all are waiting for the Sony PlayStation 5 digital event happening later today. It has drawn to our attention that the price have been leaked on Amazon and the price doesn’t put smile on fans face at all (if really the leak is correct)

The gaming console was listed on Amazon UK with a price tag of £599.99 ($760/€670), and while most of the listing is obviously a placeholder, the price is too specific for it to be random.

What gives it even more credibility (although personally i still doubts) is that the listing was removed. While some watchful shoppers took the screenshots that show the PS5 will come with 2TB storage and someone even managed to place an order.

Sony PS5 Price

Well, it’s worth noting that the 1TB and 2TB models had the same price, which obviously won’t be the case when sales kicks off. We suspect Amazon only had the starting price and mistakenly added it to both listings (you can notice that through the leak images).

PS5 Price

Don’t keep your hope’s up yet, grab some bottle of beer relax in your couch as we wait for Sony PS5 event, surely we’ll get more details if this is true we’ll definitely update you all.

Source: Twitter


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