Sony pulling out all the stops marketing Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man being exclusive to the Playstation was born out of the 2015 deal between Sony and Marvel, the deal also led to Spider-Man appearing in Marvel movies with the cooperation only getting stronger with each project.

Sony is putting massive efforts into marketing the game, giving it all the love it deserves.

Playstation Marketing Head, Eric Lempel, commented on the game’s marketing efforts, noting that 90 second ad shown during the NFL Season opener was one of the “most expensive media buys” they had done.

I can’t remember the last time we bought a 90-second spot, and it’s one of the most expensive media buys for a single spot we’ve ever done,

It’ll be something brand new, something our fans haven’t seen before. It brings a few elements together–from the game to our hardware side, to the Playstation store–so internally we’re working across all the marketing verticals to tell a story with this spot.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the highest rated games of the year and the highest rated Spider-Man game ever.

Sales analysts are predicting the game to sell big, safely putting it in the top 10 highest selling games of the year.

Sony also wants to make sure fans know that the game isn’t a tie in to the movies but instead a whole new unique experience.

This really is an event for us, and we’ve launched a lot of big titles,

This illustrates how we’re going to be getting behind these major titles in an even bigger way. This Spider-Man story is a stand-alone story, it doesn’t tie into the cinematic universe, which presents its own communications challenge. We want fans to know this is a new, unique, original story.

Marvel too has great confidence in the project, giving it the “official” seal of approval by allowing Insomniac to use the iconic flipbook opening at the start of the game. The company also has several artists help design the plethora of suits available on offer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is developer Insomniac Games’ biggest project to date. They have a lot planned for the game in the immediate future starting first with the three DLCs set to release later this year.

Sony and Insomniac are focusing on the long term with the Spider-Man franchise, the game is noted to be part of an on-going series.

Looking forward to playing Marvel’s Spider-Man? Let us know your thoughts below.

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