Sony Is Randomly Sending Golden Ticket Voucher Worth $100 To Select PSN Users

Sony appears to be in quite a generous mode today as they are not only sending 20% discount code to users, but also a hefty $100 PSN credit voucher to a few lucky users. The users who are receiving these codes appear to be selected at random as there are some who never get it while others have confirmed that they received their discount code. The rare thing is the $100 voucher code which appears to have been given to a very small sample size of people so far.

If you still haven’t checked your email, we highly recommend to do so. The email that is associated with your PSN account needs to be checked and to make sure you are receiving this offers in the first place, you need to enable the option to receive such promotional emails from Sony. If you are lucky enough, you might receive this ‘Golden Ticket’ in email that features a voucher code for $100 PSN credit. This offer is only available in North America and those with US PSN account should get it, if not today, at a later time.

The rarity of the ticket is debatable since we have seen more user with 20% discount on the likes of reddit and NeoGAF while we have seen less people with the Golden Ticket. Meanwhile some were lucky enough to get the ticket like this guy, or this one on reddit, or the multiple users in this thread on NeoGAF. So there is a good chance this is also not rare as it appears to be here.

In any case, you are getting either a huge discount opportunity since this works on already discounted products so any game you add to your cart in the currently ongoing Flash Sale can be further discount by using the code. Keep in mind that it is just a one time use code and expires on March 31st. Meanwhile the $100 voucher code seems too good to be true but it is also the real deal so you better hope you are lucky enough to get it.

Let us know what you received in your email in the comments below.

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