Sony Really Wants You To Get Persona 5, Offering Upto 25% Discount Code

Persona 5 has finally been released after numerous delays. The game has also proven to be a massive hit, both critically and commercially, and since it is exclusive to PlayStation 4, Sony is also marketing it extensively.

In a new move that attempts to get more sales for the game on the digital EU store, Sony is offering an exclusive discount code to users which can be used to bring the price of the game down from its original 69.99€ to just 52.49€. While this is not a huge saving, it is certainly worth mentioning here considering it is an official promotion. Such a move doesn’t happen with every game so this good gesture from Sony is definitely appreciated here.

The email that shows the discount code can be seen above, courtesy of NeoGAF. Other people in the same thread have confirmed that they have also received their discount codes, so this offer is likely to be exclusive to EU PlayStation Store and its users only.

Persona 5 is available now for the PS3 and PS4. It was developed by Atlus USA and published in Europe by Deep Silver. You can read our review of the game from here.

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