Sony Releases New Mandatory PS3 Firmware Update 4.55 [Update]

It seems like Sony has just released a new firmware update for the PS3. It is required for online play so update is mandatory. It is unknown whether it is a simple stability update or adds some new features. Although it looks more likely that it is more of a stability update since there is no usual change log shown, as with most firmware updates.

Update: As per the Japanese PlayStation site, this update is for ‘software stability’.

There is no official change log available yet for this new PS3 firmware update on the official site. We will update this story once a change log is made available.

PS4 also received a brand new firmware update earlier this week. This update fixed some stability issues while also adding headset support and the ability to mute microphone of the PlayStation Eye Camera.

Have you updated to this latest firmware? Let us know in the comments below.

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