Sony Revenue Increased 40% YoY, Highest Out Of Top 10 Gaming Companies

According to a new video games market analysis, the three main competitors in the console space enjoying huge revenues in the first half of 2018.

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft enjoyed more than 20%+ revenue growth year on year when you compare figures with the first half of 2017 (via NewZoo).

Nintendo grew their revenue by 20% from $1.2Bn to $1.5Bn mainly due to its lineup of strong first party titles performing very well. Nintendo also hasn’t majorly discounted any of its first party games from when the Switch released, leading to higher revenue per unit sold.

Microsoft improved their video games revenue figures by 30% going from $3.7Bn to $4.4Bn mostly thanks to their focus on Game Pass, making Xbox One X perform better with third party games and Xbox Live. The Xbox One X is slowly becoming the console of choice for users who want their highest quality graphics and detail for their third party games, the recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 being the prime example.

Sony enjoyed the highest year on year growth out of the three at a massive 40% from last year going from $4.4Bn to $6.1Bn. Like Nintendo, Sony continued with their barrage of high quality first-party titles with games like Detroit: Become Human and God of War performing splendidly.

Chinese games publisher and developer Tencent led the list due to their strong hold in China as well as their International investments performing above expectations.

We’re looking forward to how the three consoles giants perform in the future.

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