Sony Revokes All Free Copies Of Yakuza 6 On PS4, No Penalties Will Be Given To Owners

Yakuza 6 was made available completely free of cost on the PlayStation Store due to a mistake by Sega. They accidentally uploaded the full game instead of a demo that offered the initial prologue. This meant that almost everyone who downloaded the demo on the NA PlayStation Store had a legit full copy of the game on their account without any restrictions. This major mistake has been fixed now as Sony has now revoked the license for the demo along with the game on every PS4.

If you have used your PS4 online today then there is a good chance that your Yakuza 6 copy will now show a locked sign. Along with the license, even the game itself has been pulled from the purchase library even if it was just a demo. Currently there is no word on the status of the demo for the NA PlayStation Store but expect it to show up properly this time within a few days.

As for Sega, they have confirmed that if you have played the full game through this mistake, no matter how long, your save data will carry over to the final game if you purchase it, while they also assured that no user will get any penalties for trying to play the full game.

Just to reassure you that we are working with Sony to make sure that there are no account penalties if you downloaded the demo.

Still no date for the demo going back up but it is our top priority!

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life will launch on April 17 exclusively for the PS4.

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