Sony Starts Sending PlayStation Now PS3/PS4 Beta Invites For Private Beta

If you have registered for the PlayStation Now Private Beta for the PS4, that was announced earlier this week, you should check your inbox as Sony has started to send Beta invite codes to eligible participants of the PlayStation Now Beta. The new thing this time around is the inclusion of the PlayStation Now Beta on the PS4, which was limited to the PS3 only.

If you haven’t received an email yet, you shouldn’t worry. If you are eligible then you will surely receive your Beta invites. Keep in mind that Sony keeps sending these invites throughout the Beta program duration so if you don’t get it today, you might get it at another time.


For those who don’t know about PlayStation Now, it is a cloud-based game streaming service for the PlayStation platform, and will be available on other devices including the Bravia TVs in the future. You also need a minimum of 5 MBPS connection in order to properly utilize this service so keep this in mind.

The current private Beta is limited to North America only, so EU folks should wait until it is announced for their region.

Have you got the invite code? Let us know in the comments below.

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