Sony Starts Sending PlayStation Now Voucher Codes For Beta Participants

If you have signed yourself up for the PlayStation Now Beta, and have gotten an email confirming your acceptance in the Beta earlier this week, you should be getting your voucher code soon.

PlayStation Now is the upcoming cloud streaming service for games on PlayStation platform. It’s set to launch on the PS4 this Summer and will gradually roll out to other devices including the VITA and Sony’s Bravia TVs.


Sony started rolling out PlayStation Now Beta invite emails earlier this week. Those who got it and signed up should be getting their voucher code now. Of course, you will be restricted by NDA on what you can share about the service. The participants that were picked were also chosen specifically with respect to their location, perhaps to test the latency of the service.

Have you managed to get yourself a place in the Beta?  Let us know in the comments below.

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