Sony Still Hasn’t Decided On Their Conference For Gamescom Or Paris Games Week

Sony still hasn’t decided on a venue for their next major press conference in Europe between Gamescom and Paris Games Week. This is according to Sony Europe President Jim Ryan, who talked about their upcoming press conference in an interview to VG247.

Traditionally, Sony has usually hosted their conference at Gamescom until last year, where the venue changed from Gamescom to Paris Games Week. This was due to the close proximity of Gamescom to E3 Expo in Los Angeles. It usually takes 8 weeks from E3 to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, which can prove to be overwhelming if you want to give some spacing to your announcements throughout the year. Sony is especially stacked in term of the events that they conduct each year as they have their own ‘PlayStation Experience’ event at the end of the year.


SIEE’s boss Jim Ryan was asked about their venue between Gamescom and Paris Games Week to which he replied that they are still unsure on it.

It’s not decided. It’s a tough one to call. It’s a balancing act between timing, availability of software, announcements to be made. We’ve had a long history of enjoying Gamescom, we went to Paris last year and really enjoyed that with such an iconic venue. So plans are still afoot…

Gamescom will be begin on August 18th this year followed by Paris Games Week in October 27th. It should be interesting to see which venue Sony chooses for their conference because they also have to present at Tokyo Game Show in September and possibly have another PlayStation Experience event in December.

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