Sony Talks about H1Z1’s difficulty

Recently, Sony Developers held a Q&A on Reddit and answered a few questions fans had about the highly anticipated sandbox zombies survival game, H1Z1. One of the fans asked a very interesting question which was about the dangers of H1Z1 and whether the zombies are going to be a bigger threat or other human survivors like in DayZ.

To which Sony President John Smedley replied by saying “Zombies “yawn” in our game. they are deadly. Many times they come in numbers. They are not to be trifled with. We want to make a hard game. We think Dark Souls is for wimps.”

In case you don’t know which game he’s talking about, Dark Souls is renowned to be one of the most difficult RPG games out there and Smedley claims that Dark Souls is for Wimps and H1Z1 is far tougher. Zombie games can be really tough but frustrating at the same time. Take DayZ for example, that game is not easy at all.

H1Z1 gameplay

Then another user asked Smedley about the how weapon/item degradation will work. To which he replied by saying, “Our current thinking is damage / dying. Durability can suck hard if it becomes a pain. We want to walk the fine line between painful and fun. Admittedly a system like this is hard to make “fun” so let me substitute the word immersive.”

After that, fans started talking about the playable zombie feature which the developers of H1Z1 posted about on Reddit. The fans were concerned about how this feature will be implemented into a serious sandbox zombie survival game and how it might be exploited by fans.

Smedley responded by saying, “First of all thanks for the feedback. I read this thread and our own team is a microcosm of this debate. When we are ready and have thought it all through we will post our ideas. We may try this and hate it. It could be a server option. We do see exploit opportunities as some have rightly called out. If we can do this in a fun, non exploitable way we will try. If it ducks it goes. Don’t judge yet. Wait until we put our ideas out there. Then judge away. Right now it’s like putting salt on food you haven’t tasted yet.”

H1Z1 Zombie

So after hearing that response, we can’t already judge the playable zombie feature of the game. They are well aware of the exploitation opportunities and will work things out. As Smedley said, this can also be a server option so it won’t be a huge issue.

All in all, this game is going to be a lot of fun. Keep in mind, this game is not complete so the Playable Zombie idea might be discarded completely but if Sony decides to put it in the game, it can either be a huge success or a huge fail due to the exploitation opportunities but I’m sure Sony will come up with a solution for that. H1Z1 comes out late 2014 and will be available for PC and the PlayStation 4.

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