Sony teases us with mysterious picture on Twitter

Sony has released an enigmatic photo on Twitter. There is no information to back it up, leaving the image open for speculation.

You can view the tweet with the image below.

This has probably got something to do with a new game. We can assume that the game will be science fiction and involving aliens. I mean, that much is obvious from the picture and it’s tagline, “When Worlds Collide”.

If the idea of a new game seems far-fetched, this might be a teaser for Killzone: Shadow Fall, since the Helghast and the ISA are on the same planet.

Some users on forums have linked this picture to the secret image found in God of War: Ascension (You can view this picture below). It is true that they do resemble one another. It is also interesting to note that Sony Santa Monica have been working on a new title since the release of God of War III. Could this be their upcoming project? We can’t say for sure yet, but it is a clever theory and one that has a fairly good probability of being true.


We’ll give you an update as soon as Sony sheds some light onto this mysterious picture. Till then, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Humad Ali Shah

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