Sony to brief developers about the PS5 at this year’s Playstation Devcon [Rumor]

Sony is holding Playstation DevCon 2018 very soon and the PS5 could make an appearance there.

The event could be the first time Sony briefs developers about their new console.

Playstation DevCon is a developer only event that Sony uses to inform and exchange information with developers making content for the Playstation platform. The event is mostly on the technical side with Sony reported to have briefed developers heavily of the PS4 Pro and PS VR back in 2016 before the Pro was even announced.

This year’s DevCon, being held in London, seems super secret with Sony not talking about it at all. Even if you browse the website, every single detail about the event is hidden if you’re not invited to the event. Seems super suspicious if you ask me.

Registration for the event has now closed and we don’t know when it will be held. Previous Playstation DevCons were held in May or months around it, but we’re in October already.

Registration for this year DevCon 2018 event is now closed.

If you have already registered, we will be confirming places soon so look out for the email!

Please contact us via DevNet if you’d like to discuss late registrations.

The Playstation DevCon 2018 is most likely to brief developers on the PS5 since Sony doesn’t have any other new hardware to talk about, plus they probably delayed the event from May to Q4 2018 to accommodate their release schedule for the console. Most industry rumor suggest the PS5 could release in 2019 so the timing for this event, if it indeed is for the PS5, makes sense.

Sony was recently hiring a Product Manager for a “Next Generation PlayStation Campaign”, so this times in with that nicely. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida also commented on the topic recently stating that a next-gen Playstation is “necessary” and will not be a major departure from the PS4, putting the tablet rumors to rest.

We don’t know much about Sony’s next console but some recent patents suggested that the PS5 could have Backward Compatibility and a V-Sync-like technical implementation.

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