Sony To Focus On Hard-Core Gamers And Blockbuster Games With PS5

PS5 will be out by Holiday 2020 and while Sony hasn’t disclosed what they are planning to do with the console, a new report now hints at what they plan to do with it.

PS5 will get a big jump next generation in term of CPU because AMD has confirmed their next-generation Zen 2 CPU for PS5 along with Navi GPU powered by RDNA technology. Both of these will also be used by Project Scarlett, the next-generation Xbox from Microsoft.

PS5 will offer 8K rendering, ray-tracing support, and fast load times. It is being positioned as a backward compatible system that will also play PS4. Sony will focus more on large scale publishers to get support for PS5 and hope that hard-core games get their system, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Sony believes that people buy their console to play graphics-heavy video games hence this will be their target going forward. They don’t think of Nintendo as a direct competitor since their console targets a younger audience while Microsoft and Google Stadia are both competitors to Sony.

At the beginning of PS4 launch, Sony was focused on indie games but this has changed with time and now they are all about courting the big name publishers to get exclusive content for their platform. Sony will likely continue this strategy with its next-generation console as well.

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