Sony Unbans Users That Were Banned Erroneously After Massive Chargeback By Paypal

Recently, Paypal went through a massive chargeback for its users with UK PSN accounts. The chargeback was due to a technical reason although it wasn’t explained in detail and the issue wasn’t really clarified by any of the party. Since a chargeback on PSN transactions put the account balance of the user in negative, it also triggers a temporary ban for the user who gets the chargeback. This resulted in multiple accounts by users getting banned and out of access by their owners.

While Sony hasn’t issue an official statement on this matter, they appear to have unbanned accounts for these users even if they have received a refund from Paypal for the games that they purchased. This means that the games that were refunded are still a part of this library but it is highly likely that Sony will revoke the license once they identity all the users who were effected by this latest ban wave.

Several users on reddit, NeoGAF and Twitter are reporting that they logged earlier today to find out that their accounts have been unbanned, so if you were one of the user who had a banned account after this recent issue, you can login to check if you ban has been lifted.

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