Sony To Undergo Organizational Changes To Increase Focus On Creating ‘Attractive’ First Party Titles

Sony has announced some major changes in their organization for all three branches of Sony Interactive Entertainment. These changes are being made to focus on creating “most attractive and powerful first party titles” since Sony considers them more important than ever.

The changes will result in increasing the importance of the position held by Jim Ryan, Deputy President and Head of Global Sales and Marketing, SIE. All three regional sales and marketing divisions within SIE will now report to him effective from April 1st.

John Kodera, President and CEO will now assume the role of executive position for Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and America while Jim Ryan will handle Europe. SIEJA President Atsushi Morita will now report to John Kodera for activities within Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia.

Increasingly, the value of interactive entertainment is differentiated by the broad spectrum and depth of experiences that it provides to customers. As such, SIE’s mission to create and develop the most attractive and powerful first party titles has become more important than ever. To fulfill this purpose, also effective April 1, Shawn Layden, current Chairman of Worldwide Studios (WWS) and SIEA President, will concentrate his focus on WWS continuing to provide platform-defining content that helps drive the growth of SIE.

SIE has been rather successful with their PlayStation 4 this generation however the studio output by their leading first party developers has slowed down considerably compared to their PlayStation 3 support. Hopefully this means that more first party games will be now developed to help the PlayStation 4 continue its sales momentum leading into the launch of the potential PlayStation 5.

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