PlayStation 4 Launch In Middle East Uses Augmented Reality Invitation Cards For The Event

Sony is sending out what appears to be the most coolest and amazing invites in the history of PlayStation. Hassan AlSheikh, a DJ and RJ based in Dubai got an invitation from Sony to attend the PlayStation 4 launch party on 28th November. However the PlayStation 4 won’t go on sale for the public till December 13.

The invitation from Sony came with a ‘4’ shaped balloon and attached to the balloon is a card which has DualShock 4 printed on it along with some nifty instructions. These instructions indicated to download an app for your smartphone called ‘SpectApp’. After downloading the app, you just need to launch the app and point the rear camera of the smartphone to the invitation card and voila! Magic happens.

Sony has used augmented reality method to really bring the invitations to life and moving away from the traditional invitation cards for a launch event. You can check out the video below:

PlayStation 4 launches in just four days on November 15 in North America. The Middle East will see the launch of PlayStation 4 on December 13.

Like what Sony did with their invitation cards? Creative and inviting enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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