Sony will focus on PS4 at Gamescom

Sony had previously confirmed that it would announce new PS4 games, and that there are ‘many cool things’ at Gamescom later this year.

Once again, for those of you do not know, Gamescom is a major video games event held in Europe. Some would say that it is the European equivalent of E3. The reason why the number of Sony exclusives at E3 were less was because Sony was holding out for Gamescom.

Sony has now confirmed that it will indeed hold a conference ahead of this year’s gamescom 2013 expo in Cologne. This conference will, naturally, focus on the PS4. Sony’s Facebook page had added an update, giving people an opportunity to win a trip to Gamescom through a competition. The update says “At gamescom in August 2013 the focus will be on PS4 and its games line-up once again.” The competition is now finished.


The conference will be held at 7pm CET / 6pm BST at the Saatenhaus am Rheinpark, Cologne, on August 20th (Tuesday).

Lets see if Sony can excite us once more. Games from major developers, such as Naughty Dog and Media Molecule, are expected.

What do you think we’ll see at the conference? Uncharted 4? Little Big Planet 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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