Sony’s ‘SmartWig’ Peripheral In Beta Testing For Quite Some Time, Says Yoshida

Recently news surfaced that Sony patented something that appeared to be a wig of sorts. This is no ordinary wig, Sony intends to rival Google’s Glass with this technology. According to Business Insider, the patent describes the SmartWig as a hairpiece that covers and hides at least one sensor, a control unit, and a communication interface.


When the creator of Braid and the upcoming title The Witness, Jonathan Blow, asked Shuhei Yoshida if the ‘SmartWig’ will see the light of day as PlayStation 4’s peripheral to which Shuhei Yoshida replied that they have been beta testing it for a long time.

So how will this wearable ‘SmartWig’ technology from Sony work and make sense with the PlayStation 4? Guess we will find out later when more news becomes available but one thing is for sure, Sony wants to make a fashion statement as well. Till then you can view some images from the patent below:

wig1 wig2

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the news develops.

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