Sora takes on Aqua, new Kingdom Hearts III Story and Development info

Square Enix held a Kingdom Hearts III stage presentation with Directors Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue in attendance.

New footage of the game was shown including a Sora vs Aqua boss fight.

Below are some other notable details from the event:

  • Kingdom Hearts III will be the final entry in the Xehanort Saga, however Nomura confirmed that there will be more Kingdom Hearts in the future and that we wants to continue Sora’s story.
  • The Gummi Ship portion of the game was made by a team of 20-30 people. There will be two modes, Exploration and Cardboard mode. The new Exploration Mode will allow players free-roam between the words. Gummi Ship parts like previous games will appear as gems, sweets, cardboard, etc.
  • The game will have over 20 mini-games, including some which we’ve seen before.
  • The game will have a Secret Movie, however to avoid spoilers the team is looking into different ways to deliver that. The team is looking into making the movie downloadable instead of have really hard requirements like previous games.
  • Multiplayer will be planned after the base game is completed.
  • Character Ages: Terra: About 20 years old, Aqua: About 18 years old, Ventus: About 16 years old , Young Xehanort: About 18~20 years old & Master Xehanort: Mid-80s.
  • Director Tai Yasue confirmed that the game will have more than 10 worlds.

Below is more new gameplay showing off different worlds from the game:

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is set to release early next year, January 25 in Japan and January 29 in the West.

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