Soul Calibur 6 Gets 10 Minutes Of Gameplay, New Details In Video Interview

Soul Calibur 6 was revealed at The Game Awards 2017 and then later shown with a new gameplay trailer at PlayStation Experience 2017. Recently, the official PlayStation channel has uploaded a brand new interview of the series producer along with a ton of new gameplay from the game.

The interview goes in detail regarding the development status of the game and talks about some of the mechanics that are new in this sequel. The game was developed in time for the 20th anniversary of Soul Calibur 6 and is targeting 2018 as the release year for it. While the developers are working hard to meet the target year, they aren’t sure about a release date yet.

Soul Calibur 6 producer also talked about the Tekken series, which is the second fighting game series developed at Bandai Namco. He stated that the rivalry between the Tekken team and the Soul Calibur development team is actually exciting for both sides as they try to challenge each other by gradually improving their games. Bandai Namco has a dedicated team for the Soul Calibur series called Project Soul. The producer was hesitant to share more characters for the game so you will have to wait out for the official announcements from Bandai Namco.

Soul Calibur 6 is confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and it is set to launch in 2018.

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