‘Soul Sacrifice’ debuts on the PlayStation Vita Today!

Keiji Inafune, creator of the Dead Rising and the iconic blue bomber Mega Man series, has since left Capcom to pursue new goals. It seems that decision has bore fruit with the release of his latest project Soul Sacrifice. With the PlayStation Vita doing relatively poorly within the states, Soul Sacrifice attempts to give reason as to why people should invest in Sony’s handheld device.

Soul Sacrifice is a title unlike any other game seen on the platform thus far, let alone from Mr. Keiji Inafune himself. You play as a slave serving an powerful sorcerer and immediately before you are sacrificed, you are saved by a demonic book of sorts. This book allows the slave to go inside it, learn about previous fights between the sorcerer and the monsters he stood against in battle. As a player, you will be able to enter this twisted world and participate in those battles to gain experience and procure spoils from the enemies you slay.


Soul Sacrifice will be available digitally on the PSN and will also have physical copies available through various retailers.  For those that pre-ordered a physical copy of the game will have a few pre-order incentives. Luckily, for those that buy the game digitally will receive the same extras without having to purchase them before hand.

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Full details on Soul Sacrifice‘s pre-order bonuses can be found on the PlayStation Blog here.

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