South Park: Stick of Truth delayed in Germany and Austria due to Uncensored copies with Swastika symbols

Bad news for South Park fans in Germany and Austria looking forward to playing South Park: Stick of Truth this week, the game seems to have been delayed in the aforementioned areas. The delay is because of the game arriving at Retailers fully uncensored with in-game scenes showing Swastika symbols.

The delay is for all platforms; i.e PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The Steam store sent out the following message announcing the delay:

Hinweis: We’re sorry to inform you that we are unable to deliver your pre-ordered version of South Park: The Stick of Truth on March 6th as initially planned. The German and Austrian version of South Park: The Stick of Truth contains an unconstitutional symbol which means that we are unfortunately not able to release the game on the German and Austrian market at this time. This concerns all versions/platforms of the game. There is no need to amend or cancel your pre-order. A new release date of South Park: The Stick of Truth for the German and Austrian market will be announced shortly, and we will ensure that your order is delivered to coincide with this new date.

We are extremely sorry for the additional waiting time, and thank you for your understanding.

Publishers Ubisoft is yet to release a statement about the delay.


South Park: Stick of Truth was supposed to be censored in EU regions due to the explicit and offensive content in the game including Swastikas symbols (which are illegal to show in Germany and Austria) and even an Abortion mini-game. This is obviously the norm as far as the South Park show goes, but nobody expected the content to go through Europe’s strict USK censor-board without any cuts.

Region 1 (North America) and Region 3 (Asia) copies will be uncensored. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

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