South Park: The Stick of Truth Pre-orders Available On Steam

Ubisoft have opened up Pre-Orders for South Park: The Stick of Truth on Steam. But it’s for $60, which is a lot for a game like this. But it might be worth it but you might want to wait and read some reviews before you think about getting the game.

If you Pre-Order the game, you will get the Ultimate Fellowship content pack with it. The Ultimate Fellowship content pack contains our costumes, each of which has a special ability: the Necromancer Sorcerer does bonus fire damage, the Rogue Assassin gets extra gold, the Ranger Elf does more weapon damage, and the Holy Defender has higher defences.

South Park games are always fun for play. They might not be competitive or as challenging as other games but they are just as fun as the rest of them. Take South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge for example. That game was a lot of fun and it kept me occupied for hours. Taking on Tenorman and his robot army before they destroy our beloved South Park. Fight multi-assed minions, time bombs, and Manbearpigs.

South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play is another fine example of a fun South Park game. We have seen a lot of Tower Defense games but this one was the best, in my opinion. South Park has never disappointed me with any of their games and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way.

Pre-Order South Park: The Stick of Truth on Amazon right now.

Abdullah Raza


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