This Special White Xbox One Exclusive To Microsoft Launch Teams Can Be Yours For As Low As £720.00

Apparently GamesAid have a very unique item offered through private listing on ebay. This item is none other than the Xbox One White Exclusive Launch Team Commemorative Special Edition. This special edition of Xbox One isn’t normally available to the customers and is only available for Microsoft’s employees who have worked on the Xbox One and are a part of the console’s launch team. This special Xbox One comes with an exclusive Launch Team achievement and has “I Made This” written on the front of the console. So if you fancy yourself a White Xbox One to match with your other white gadgets then act swiftly.

The White Xbox One comes in white/silver for the console, a white controller and with a black Kinect. The on-going auction at ebay will close on 8th November 2013 at 15:07:41 GMT. The bidding currently stands at £720.00. We assume this is a must-have edition of a console for any die-hard collector out there so don’t miss out on the bidding. Do note that the listing states that the winner of the auction will receive the Xbox One by November 13th at the earliest but it actually won’t be dispatched before 22nd November as that is the launch date for the Xbox One.

A normal edition Xbox One will retail for £429 in Great Britain, which is around £80 more expensive than its competitor, the PlayStation 4.

What do you think about this auction for the White Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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