Spider-Man PS4 $199 Black Friday Bundle Is So Popular It Is Already Selling Out Everywhere

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available is a limited time special bundle with a PS4 Slim, and as expected, it is selling out everywhere.

The bundle is getting sold out whenever the listing for it is updated on sites like Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers online. It shows the demand for the bundle is exceeding the stock allocated to each retailer. It is also the number 1 selling hardware on Amazon right now and just behind the 1 year PS Plus subscription overall that is being sold for $39.99 down from $59.99.

NPD sales analyst Mat Piscatella chimed in on the situation stating that the bundle is getting sold out.

Benji, who has access to some retail data and regularly shares his views on them also echoed a similar comment.

This bundle includes PS4 Slim with Marvel’s Spider-Man. It offers an incredible price for the whole package because you are getting a PS4 Slim for $140 with the copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man for $59.99. While it is possible to get the game cheaper in a sale, this is an incredible offer nonetheless and if you are looking for a time to jump in the PS4 eco-system, this seems to be the perfect fit for it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man had a record launch where it shattered the opening month sales of God of War and then continued on to have solid legs. The bundle is only going to add to the overall figures of Spider-Man sales and help Sony move an incredible amount of hardware this Black Friday.

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