Spider-Man PS4 Bundle Is ‘Scary Appealing’, Sales Are Limited By Supply, Says NPD Analyst

We have already heard that Spider-Man PS4 bundle is selling out everywhere, but now new information has been shared by NPD Analyst ahead of Black Friday.

According to NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella, this bundle will easily sell the stock allocated to it by Sony. He calls the bundle ‘scary’ appealing’ as it ships with the Marvel’s Spider-Man game, 1 TB PS4 Slim and all of it just for $199. This is the cheapest the PS4 has been in its life cycle so far.

He then states that no one saw the level of success that it is achieving right now, not even Sony. It is very likely that the bundle will get sold out everywhere and will be hard to find, but it will be interesting to see how big the stock is shipped to the retailers since they usually end up selling out the amount allocated for a day.

On the other hand, Benji, who also similarly has access to some retail data has shared that PlayStation 4 sold more units when the Spider-Man bundle was made available than it has been selling in the past couple of months.

So the thing to take here is that Sony has made consumers an offer that they can’t refuse. It is leading to a crazy amount of sales for the Spider-Man PS4 bundle and might lead to this becoming potentially the best non-holiday sales month for PS4 if there is enough stock available for it.

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