Spider-Man PS4 Gets Another Surprise Suit From Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Spider might be just confirmed for Spider-Man PS4 but Insomniac Games had also carefully placed another neat suit in the promotional video for the Iron Spider outfit for Peter Parker.

If you are new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and your introduction to Spider-Man is from Spider-Man Homecoming, you might recognize this suit that the original Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, created on his own to be used for his adventure in Spider-Man Homecoming. This suit was subtly teased in the Iron Spider promotional video as seen in the image below.

The promotional video shows Peter Parker selecting a set of different costumes and one of them is the Homemade Suit that debuted in the most recent Spider-Man movie, Homecoming. Here is how it looks in the actual movie.

This might not be a great looking suit but it is a nice throwback to the movie which was the first solo hero debut for Peter Parker after the short cameo in Captain America Civil War. This basically confirms that along with Iron Spider suit, fans can also expect to see Homemade Suit for Peter Parker to be used as his web slings around the city as Spider-Man.

Iron Spider Suit Confirmed For Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to launch on September 6th exclusively for the PS4.

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