This Spider-Man PS4 Glitch Is Pure Comedic Gold

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on the PS4 and as more people are getting their hands on the game, new information including the easter eggs is being shared online.

It is not possible for an open world game to be completely free of glitches but in the case of user Nabeshin186, the game is broken to the point that it gets absolutely hilarious. In his cases, the cutscenes are completely messed up and the character models don’t even animate leading to absolutely creepy, and often hilarious situations as seen below.

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There is no explanation for why he is facing all these issues but the videos that he has shared on his Instagram account are well worth a watch if you have already played through the game once. The broken situation of the cutscenes makes it all the more comedic. You can view some more of the videos on his Instagram account.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively for the PS4. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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