Spider-Man PS4 Lets You Change Time Of Day And Weather After Beating Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out this September exclusively for the PS4. The game is an open world Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games. There is a lot of hype behind the game and recently there was some new information shared about some of the features including the time of day and weather.

It was stated earlier that the game might not have a dynamic time of day and Insomniac Games has now confirmed in an interview with GameInformer that the time of day and weather conditions will be manually selected once you are done with the game. Game director Bryan Intihar had the following to say regarding the time of day aspect.

For us we thought that, well I mean the truth is, this is a very story heavy game and as you guys know a lot of great games use time of day whether to communicate a certain feel vibe to the situation where you are in the story so we want to make sure that we were communicating a certain feeling to the player while they were first making their way through the main story. That being said when you do finish the game you can actually change time of day and weather yourself manually.

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Some other interesting tidbits were also shared in the inteview.

  • They don’t deny there will be a black suit in the game but it doesn’t really mean you will see Symbiotes.
  • The game is limited to just Manhattan in New York when it comes to the open world.
  • There is no fall damage. Spider-Man will just roll out when falling down however there is an upgrade that lets you get back to swinging if you are tumbling down.
  • You can also Wall Crawl in the game.
  • The Suit will take damage during certain story moments and it will be reflected in-game.
  • There will be multiple difficulty settings
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Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch on September 6th for the PS4. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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