Mary Jane’s New Character Design In Spider-Man PS4 Looks A Bit Different

Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a brand new story trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con today. This trailer gave us a tease of what to expect from the story of the game. Those who have watched every media footage so far might have noticed that the design of one of the major character has changed now.

Mary Jane is one of the lead characters in the game and her design is completely different now. She was last seen in the Paris Games Week 2017 gameplay footage hanging out with Peter Parker. (Top = Old, Bottom = New)

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Some of the changes that made to her face include a slightly different nose and eyes. The hairstyle has managed to stay the same between the two different character models, but despite that, there is enough difference that it was noticeable.(Top = Old, Bottom = New)

For a game that is in development, character models are usually redesigned as it also happened with Mr. Negative. Maybe, Insomniac Games is more satisfied with the new look for Mary Jane, but it is still interesting to see how the character models and visuals evolve across the course of development of the game.

Spider-Man PS4 is also getting a limited edition PS4 Pro console. It comes with a custom controller and 1 TB hard disk.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch on September 7th for the PS4.

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