Insomniac: Spider-Man PS4 Will Get 2 Content Updates Post-Launch, DLC Is Not Cut Content

Insomniac Games has detailed their roadmap for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 DLC. They have also confirmed that the game will require a day one patch, and now we have an early leak of the patch notes as well.

Since the first DLC for Spider-Man PS4’s season pass, titled as The City That Never Sleeps, will be available on October 23rd, some fans were furious and started to call it cut content. Insomniac has now replied back explaining that this is not cut content from the main game but new content that they have created after the game went gold.

“The game went Gold a few weeks ago. The DLC is not launching until late Oct. That is a large gap of development time. It was revealed and planned from the start that we were going to do extra content post-launch.”

“Planned doesn’t mean we started working on it. And we announce release dates of games before they are done.”

“There are two content updates after that. And this is extra content added after the game was finished. Not cut content.”

“It is not cut content. The team is hard at work right now making this NEW content.”

“The base game has exactly what was intended. The CTNS team decided they wanted to flesh that out further and concerted it for the DLC. Without DLC, The Heist wouldn’t exist at all”

“You misunderstand, without DLC, the content we are selling wouldn’t exist at all. The game is a complete experience, the DLC is optional add-on for those who want more.”

“The full experience is the game we are selling next week. The additional content, is for those who want even more. Without selling it for an extra charge, we would not have made it.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available on September 7th exclusively for the PS4.

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