Spider-Man PS4 World Map Size Revealed, Bigger Than All The Past Games

Spider-Man PS4 has a playable demo at E3 2018 that has resulted in some fans discovering the world map for the game, even though the demo restricts the player to a certain boundary limit. While Spider-Man PS4 won’t have access to Central Park or the Islands that are shown on the world map, there is still a lot of location to be explored just by web swinging around. This is also the biggest game ever made by Insomniac Games.

The world map size can be seen in the image and video below. The demo restricted boundary is also shown and if you think this size is small, just look at the overall map compared to the location of Spider-Man at the top of the building.

Insomniac Games have a full demo available to play at E3 2018. They have ruled out the possibility of releasing this demo for everyone but they also dropped plenty of new concept art and teases about new mystery character.

Spider-Man PS4 was shown at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference with a whole new set of villains that confirmed that the Sinister Six is in the game. They were Rhino, Electro, Shocker, Vulture and the previously confirmed Mister Negative, however a mysterious character also made his appearance near the end of the gameplay footage and according to Insomniac Games, his identity will change the game in a big way.

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