Spidey’s Homecoming suit in Spider-Man PS4 would have you confused for the movie

Spider-Man PS4 features the ‘Homecoming’ Suit from the Marvel reboot starring Tom Holland. The suit honestly looks so good in the game that it could have you confused for something from the movies.

Do note most if not all of the images are screencaps from videos:

The lighting on the suit is just spectacular and really brings out the details. You can have the suit that you’re wearing also appear during cutscenes, adding to the immersion. Here’s the full scene that the above image was screencapped form in GIF form:

Here’s a short slideshow with some shots from the movie so you can make a quick comparison to see the detail in the game version of the suit.

Bonus screenshot from the game during the confrontation with Shocker.

Well I definitively know what suit I’ll be rocking when the game releases for PS4 on September 7.

Spider-Man PS4 got great reviews earlier today when game sites were allowed to post their reviews, it even sold out on Amazon before release, the hype really is real.

Like the Homecoming suit? Let us know your thoughts on it and what suit you’ll be wearing in the comments.

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